Twelve exceptional tips for losing weight / dieting


In this section, I will thoroughly explain you how to lose weight in a healthier and easier way. Always remember one thing as I mention before, weight loss is not a nightmare to be scared off; you have to keep calm and maintain your patience as time passes you will feel a drastic change in your body. Following are some useful tips that will surely help you in losing weight surprisingly you don’t have to skip your meals and can still satisfy your carvings and temptation.

  • Tip # 1: Start your sunny and bright day with a good breakfast. Don’t try to skip breakfast as breakfast is the most important meal as it boosts the metabolism of your body and to have an energetic start of your day. For a healthy breakfast you can have an egg, discarding yolk(as it contain higher amount of calories) and prepare it with sliced tomatoes, small chops onion and green chilies or as you like. Eat it with a brown bread slice (one 1 slice is enough though).there are many more options like skimmed milk with high-fiber Chocó’s ,steamed sausages and much more.

  • Tip # 2: Drink lots of water. Water plays an important role to keep your body hydrated thus helps in losing weight. A useful tip that can help and keep you reminding about a sufficient amount of water intake is that you keep a pack bottle(measuring in ml) with you all the time(in office, in a shopping mall, in school/college) this way you can easily intake about 10-12 glasses of water easily without counting it.

• Tip # 3: If you are thinking that you cannot eat meat during your weight loss period, then you have to think again. Yes you can eat meat (white/chicken meat) on daily basis as well. But the condition is that it should be boiled or steamed, no frying at all. Make a portion in your plate where you add a breast piece of white meat (40 percent) and remaining 60 percent should be salad.
Moreover, regarding red meat (beef) you can eat on occasional basis with a limited size or portion as red meat is very high cholesterol intake.


• Tip # 4: When it comes to salad mostly people ruined the salad healthy sources by adding heavy and rich sauces in the get the perfect and high nutrients value salad must be taken in raw form. You can add lemon, a pinch of salt and seasonal spices to make it more tempting.

• Tip # 5: Vegetables also plays a vital role in weight loss. The more the vegetables the more you will be benefited. All green vegetables contain a greater amount of water which means less calories and more nutrients value. For example cucumbers, ground beetle, capsicums or cabbage. These are very fewer to be named.


• Tip # 6: Soup is also a great source which actually helps is weight loss and makes your tummy full for a longer period of time. A very useful tip is to start your meal with the soup first and then take your meal part, resulting you will automatically eat less, on the other hand soup is less calorie intake starter to have it. You can make a numerous variety of vegetable or chicken soup.

• Tip #7: A unique and yet exceptionally benefit tip is to have a fruit salad between the meals. Fruit is a great source of minerals and nutrients, yet provided low calorie to fulfill your hunger between meals. Rather than eating oily or bakery items, try to eat fruits or fruits salad to make a healthy yet effective way to lose weight.

• Tip #8: if you have a sweet tooth like me, and thinking about total boycott from chocolates and sugary items, then don’t worry you can have it once in week. Yes you can ice-cream, muffin or anything you like the most once in week but in a small portion (let’s say a half muffin). Similarly, a square of dark chocolate also boost your metabolism and helps you reducing weight.


• Tip #9: Always remember to add calcium in your diet. Calcium helps you to strengthen your bones and plays a vital role in your weight loss diary. You can add skimmed milk, skimmed yogurt and low-fat cheese (if you are a cheese lover).

• Tip #10: Try to use oil sprays to prepare your food. Don’t use butter, ghee or any other heavy oil that will ruined all your fitness and work done so far from your side.


• Tip #11: this tip is very informative and useful for anyone who try to lose weight and not getting perfect results, and constantly thinking what is going wrong. Remember always maintain a diary and note your day to day routine. Write everything even if you are drinking a glass of this way you can keep track of all your food intake and easily point out what is going wrong.

• Tip # 12: lastly, the most important and compulsory tip is to exercise. All of the above tips will not give you exceptional results unless and until you don’t exercise. Start off with a 15 min walk and gradually increases 5 min after every 15 days. Also, a half hour of trade mill will make you energetic and shape/tone your body muscles.





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Taste of Commercial Ice-cream and its freshness


Ice-cream, when we here this word; the first thing that comes in our mind is its chilling essence which leaves a soothing effect in our body and mind. Summers cannot be imagine without utilizing ice-cream as this is the best way to beat this summer heat.



Ice cream can be made at home easily with several of methods and techniques whereas it is also easily available commercially all over the world. Taste of commercial ice-cream is much more delicious and appealing as compared to homemade ice cream. Adding stabilizers, crystallization and guar gum like ingredients which add thickness to ice cream flavors leaving a more richness effect to commercial based ice-creams.

We all get annoyed if our favorite ice-cream gets melted in few minutes so melting down slowly is also an adhesive factor when it comes to commercial based ice-creams.


All the well renowned ice-cream companies add these additive flavors to tantalize your taste buds and give you a more chilling, smoothing texture and slowly melting down effect, which leaves a fascinating effect to the entire body and mind.

Whereas on the other hand freshness has been well checked and maintained by many commercial selling products of ice-cream. Keeping in high maintained and monitored frozen points and using sterilize tools for making a pure hygiene and equally fresh ice-cream, so that it can satisfy and appeal a regular consumer/customer to taste again and again. Fro-zing ice-creams give you a fascinating effect that relishes your thoughts and feeling you out of this world in this hot sizzling summer.

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By ending this all I can say that ice-cream is a traditional sweet that everyone loves to eat no matter of any age brackets. Moreover commercial ice-cream has taken up the market by its over-whelmed chilling essence, freshness and highly maintained quality.

So, enjoying eating ice-cream and make your world a chilling paradise.

Exceptional Benefits of Dark Chocolate



As the word dark chocolate comes in our mind, the initial thought comes in our mind is obesity, unhealthy and bundled with calories. If you think like this, then you should think again. Well dark chocolate has some very surprising benefits to stimulate your body and mind.

  • Firstly the most important and healthy benefit of dark chocolate is it helps to reduce blood pressure, as dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants elements which helps to improve blood pressure, on the other hand also helps to improve brain function by reducing the factor of stroke.


  • Another wonderful and amazing benefit of dark chocolate is for skin care. As dark chocolate contain richest amount of cocoa, so it gives potential protection from harmful UV rays as your skin get exposure in sun. It also helps by reducing roughness factor on your skin. So whether you eat a small of dark chocolate or apply a thick chocolate mask on your skin, both will work effectively leaving your skin smooth and healthy.


  • If you are facing rough, dry and lesser growth of your hairs, then dark chocolate can solve your problem. As dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants that help in better and natural blood flow results in hairs to get more nourished and silky, meanwhile dark chocolate also contains good amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals which leaves your hair shiny, healthy and fast growth.


images (1)


Hence, I conclude that there are many more healthy and surprising benefits of dark chocolates to be discussed but one should remember that only a small portion or two squares of dark chocolates can be consumed on daily basis otherwise it will no more beneficial and leads to unhealthy direction. Lastly, also try to consume dark chocolate alone not with milk or sugary items, otherwise it will not as beneficial as it can be.


So enjoying eating dark chocolate and became a chocoholic like me.



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Photography is in my blood. I inherited this art from my mother; as she is crazy about photography. From the old reeling camera to the latest DSLR; all she has just for taking pictures.

Well, photography is simply a passion for those who love to capture Nature, Beauty and people happiness from the eye of camera. On the other hand, Trends and vision of photography changes now-a-days. Now people have camera just to pose and showing off to the friends/family.

Now posing for photography is a must in every party or event. A group of girls/boys posing in front of bathroom mirrors, where pouting is a compulsory factor; or A group of ladies posing to show off their expensive jewelry/accessories and clothes to their companion ladies (which they think they are just too young to call Aunties) LOL.

A passionate or good photographer always focuses on real things which exhibits that as picture /photo itself telling its beauty .while this passion is faded away as we enter into the era of social media where Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. empower the youth and all the ages of group to upload pictures after every pose/action regardless the factor that it’s worth it or not. Now another factor that is added to this so called photography is a “self-ie” illusion. Everyone posting there “self-ie” like drinking water, making funny faces, eating burgers with a big mouth open or even before sleeping making a horrified picture.


In fact there are some live examples around all of us; people who even don’t know how to hold camera properly, or even how to take/click picture in a required frame. People like these holding an expensive DSLR (high resolution quality) camera is an insult to this exceptional passion.

As a responsible youth, we should set an example for others by respecting every Art/profession. Well, I am not saying that doesn’t take pictures but in fact show the world your inner beauty, your mind creativity by taking picture that has a message or something that touch the heart, rather than clicking awful images which are useless to recall or even comment.

We’ll all I can say is that photography is an immense treasure for those who know the values of this profession. Let me end this by the famous quote of Elliott Erwitt

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

5 Top Most Reasons To Add CUCUMBER In Your Daily Routine.


5 Top Most Reasons To Add CUCUMBER In Your Daily Routine.

Cucumber is one of the most widely cultivated green vegetable in all over Pakistan. With extraordinary benefits of cucumber we should all add cucumber in our daily life routine. As I am sharing some most beneficial facts of cucumber:

  1. Helps Fight CANCER: The most amazing fact of cucumber is that it helps to fight in cancer. Many researches proves that cucumber contains three anti-cancer elements that reduces the chances of ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and most importantly breast cancer that are found 2 out of 5 women nowadays.


  1.  Keeping You Healthy All the Way: The second most extravagant fact of cucumber is that it controls blood pressure and reduces cholesterol up to major extent. As cucumber contains 95% of water to it hydrates your blood vessels specially in summers and on the other hand by taking cucumber juice in combination of garlic, beets and lemon; this will help reduces cholesterol and insulin level for diabetic patients.


  1. Nature Eye pads and skin Care: well if you are facing under-eye dark circles or puffy eyes; Place chilled freshly cut cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes and trust me you will feel the difference instantly. Use this remedy on daily basis. On the other side if you go through any minor sunburn than apply cucumber thick paste on your skin; within few minutes you will be relief from sunburn.


  1. Lose Weight in Healthy way: If you are planning to lose weight in a healthy way, then you should add cucumber in your diet plan i.e. making raw cucumber salad or in any form you like. As cucumber contains high water content, fiber and also contains very less amount of calories; so it help in digestion and feel your stomach fuller in longer time. People facing constipation problem will also get relief after using cucumber in daily diet.


  1. Relief in Joint and Muscle Pain: Due to presence of Abundance amount of silica; cucumber also promotes to relief in joint and muscle pain. As cucumber contains vitamin A, B1, B6, C, D, Folic Acid, Calcium and Potassium; which can relief in joints pain.



There are many more amazing and beneficial facts of cucumber; which will think you to add cucumber in your daily routine. You can take cucumber by making raw salad; drink it by making soothing cucumber juice or by just eating it lots of slices. So what are you thinking for; add this super food in your daily meal and make your life healthy and beautiful.